Battle Rapper Math Hoffa Responds to Queen KeeKee Rape Allegation

The female rapper claims Math, whom she regarded as a friend, took the joy of going to rap battles from her since he ‘violated’ her and sexually assaulted her.

AceShowbiz -Popular battle rapper Math Hoffa has been accused of rape by fellow rapper Queen KeeKee. In an Instagram account dedicated to her story, the female rapper whose real name is Audrey K. Servance, claimed that Math, whom she regarded as a “friend,” sexually assaulted her at a hip-hop event.

“THIS IS THE REASON I STOPPED GOING TO BATTLES!!!! He took the joy out of it from me. He is the reason my life is completely altered FOREVER,” so she began her lengthy statement. “Yes you read it RIGHT this DH @Math Hoffa violated me!!! Someone I trusted supposed to be a ‘friend.’ “

She went on sharing, “I never asked or consented. I was CELIBATE too and this really broke my heart.” She said that she has an audio of Math apologizing for it, “Even with him ON tape apologizing, saying he heard me saying STOP and he did not, admitted to choking me (unconscious), even was holding me against my will and so more stuff.”

KeeKee said she “did the RIGHT thing” and “went through the WHOLE process,” which included taking rape kit examination and reporting it to police, but “the Judicial system FAILED me y’all like horribly.” Likening it to “a HORROR story,” she demanded “JUSTICE from him & the judicial system.”

The Newark native also explained why she came out with her story. “I am sharing this for a few reasons,” she wrote, claiming that one of the reasons is “to get justice and have this individual PROSECUTED & this System!!!” She also sought “to EMPOWER others to speak up against their attackers” and “to create a NON-PROFIT that supports people who dealt/dealing with TRAUMAS such as RAPE.”

Thanking those who believe in her and support her, she concluded her post, “I DID NOT DESERVE THIS NO ONE DESERVES TO BE RAPED.”

People have since brought up KeeKee’s allegation on Twitter which caught Math’s attention. Responding to her claims, the rapper, whose real name is Justin Edwards, denied that he’s the kind of person like what KeeKee described. “My heart goes out to the women who have actually experienced something terrible like that… May God grant you justice! I ain’t the one tho. Go find one of those guys. I’m too nice… That’s my problem,” so he claimed.

When people continued bombarding him with confirmation about her story, he appeared to get frustrated and responded, “Why y’all not demanding the proof??? That’s what’s crazy bout this whole thing!” He pointed out, “If she got choked unconscious, wheres the hospital records with the swollen neck??? Where’s the rape kit??? Where’s the ‘Full’ convo… Wtf are y’all doing???”

Someone questioned why he didn’t respond through a lawyer, to which he said, “I’m not hiding! Im innocent! It’s harder to wash paint off when it dries. I’m not a politician. I’m a real person! Y’all want me to be something I never been.”

Some people, however, have come to Math’s defense and believe that he wouldn’t do what KeeKee alleged. When one user pointed out that KeeKee’s picture, which she claimed was taken after the alleged rape, was an old one and from a car accident not related to her allegation, Math once again suggested that she was lying, “Our black women are not protected cuz other black women use their pain for personal gain. This is sad.”

Another fan, who’s also skeptical of KeeKee’s story, tweeted, “Wait, Math Raped a b***h?????” To this, Math replied, “Bro… Don’t do that. S**t ain’t funny.”

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