Bancroft star Sarah Parish rushed to hospital after breaking ribs and fracturing spine in Turkey

Bancroft’s Sarah Parish has been hospitalised in Turkey after breaking her ribs and having fractured her spine.

The 53 year old actor had shared a couple of snaps of her on holiday while sunning it up in Turkey, but took to Instagram Saturday 30 October to update her followers on her unfortunate turn of events.

Sharing a selfie from her hospital bed, Sarah wrote: “A broken rib?? No, no, that’s not enough for this f**k wit. Let’s pop in to the equation a nasty fall on a very hard surface resulting in a fractured spine. Yes, that’s better.

"Spending a couple of extra days in Turkey but not at the lovely @hillsidebeachclub. At the local Turkish hospital. FFS. Life really does appear to be taking a massive dump on my head right now.”

People have since sent well wishes to the W1A actor. Lisa Faulker said: “Honey I can’t believe it. Just hope you are ok. Lots of love,” while EastEnders’ Tracy Ann Oberman said: “Oh Sarah – you poor thing. Get home ASAP. Hope you’re not in too much pain and if you need ANYTHING- let us know x”.

The Great’s Sebastian de Souza also wrote a heartfelt message to Sarah, wishing the 53 year old a speedy recovery.

He said: “My dearest Sarah I am so sorry you poor thing. I hope you are not in too much pain and that you are able to get out and back to Nellie and Jim as soon as poss. Love you so much and sending you — my hero — all the positive vibes and strength in the world!”

Before informing her 60,000 followers of her accident, the last update Sarah gave on her social media was her enjoying a party in Turkey to mark the country’s Republic Day.

In the video shared on her story, Sarah panned around as a large group of people were standing around a bar partying and dancing to music. She wrote: “Republic day in Turkey! Let’s party”, with a clapping hands emoji.

A day prior to her accident, Sarah shared a thread of photographs of her and her family enjoying their Turkish holiday.

In one photo the mum of two can be seen wearing a stylish blue swimsuit, sunglasses, and a hat, while other photos showed her husband, fellow actor James Murray, and their children enjoying some water sports.

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