Bailee Madison Shows Off Major Hair Transformation For New Project

Whoa – Bailee Madison debuted a brand new look on Tuesday (September 1)!

The 20-year-old actress just started work on a new project and she has a completely different hairstyle.

“Day 2,” she captioned a photo on her Instagram story of her hair.

Bailee is rocking a much shorter, blonde look, very different from her long brown hair she has been sporting lately.

While we don’t know if she actually made the change to her real hair or if it’s a wig, it’s quite the drastic change, and we can’t wait to see how it fits with her character!

“shhhh…. starting work tomorrow, and still can’t say what for BUT it’s magical and I couldn’t be more excited. Also, so grateful for all of the precautions being made to ensure our cast and crew can work safely in the midst of the pandemic. #backtoworkwego,” Bailee tweeted on Sunday night.

“Haven’t had an early call time in a hot minute&can’t tell you how excited I am to have one (I mean it!! I missed it!),” she added in another tweet.

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