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S really the only thing keeping you from committing suicide at this point. A few days later, you take a trip to the store to make a purchase, which you also get to meet Ayla. She is an adorable person, though not in the usual way. S very bubbly, friendly, and you can see a strong maternal side to her. Her eyes linger on you, as you stare back. She notices, then smiles a bit and takes the hint. My face is just going to be all red and stuff now. You just find yourself staring at the couch. T really sure if you were even attracted to her in the first place. Re done being angry at everything, you decide that you need to stop being angry at the world. The next day, you go get your haircut. In your heart, you tell yourself you do. After all, you were meant to be here. S just a matter of making yourself into the person you want to be, and letting the rest happen. The next day, you take a trip to see Ayla.

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