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Mp3 Category: general posted at: 12:00am PDTEp. 602: The Girlfriend Experience With the recent death of Dave Attell, we are forced to miss The Girl Friend Experience. We discuss this popular reality show created by Mark Jansen in our discussion about this show. Mp3 Category: general posted at: 11:32pm PDTEp. How the heck does a person become a professional athlete. These questions and others like them have been pondered on the show. On this episode of the podcast the guys discuss such topics as: The origin of the word athlete and how it was likely derived from the word athleteus which means a fellow who wrestles. In other words a poor person, a person who is hard up for something, has traditionally been a source of inspiration. The concept of the Dream Team has been discussed as a way of improving at something. In his book The Art Of Self-Improvement The late Bill Bryson discusses how some people are naturally born to be artists while others are simply born blessed with talent. The way in which people are often treated with a sense of pity. 600: Were In A New Age Of Sports The recent passing of Dave Attell has left us without a host on the podcast for the week. When he passed away a lot of people were sad that he was no longer on the show. Unfortunately, due to personal reasons I was not able to replace him. So despite this I did not get rid of the show and the show got bigger and bigger. This of course is the perfect opportunity to talk about some of the things that we talked about on this episode of the podcast. However, I didnt stop there, I just had to expand on these subjects. I also had someone else contribute to this episode. I am not quite sure how this person came to contribute, but I am going to include them in the discussion. I have the privilege of having Tom Shillue as on this show once again. Tom also contributed to the discussion on this episode, but he also wrote an article on the subject that can be found at the website known as the Sports Fan. The Sports Fan is filled with articles written by all kinds of different people of all different backgrounds. It contains articles both about sports and about various other things. For a long time Tom did not contribute to this show for various reasons.

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