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Name: Salon Centric No immediate changesYou decide to take a chance with the stranger who just entered the store. You decide to try to remember if you saw him before in the past; you remember he was wearing a hoodie last time you remember seeing him and you see him with it again. You find yourself staring at a woman in a bright red mini skirt and tight white shirt. You say in a flat tone, hoping to seem unfazed and that she doesnt immediately notice youre not paying attention to the game youre playing. Yup, Im pretty sure you noticed me when I was working at that other store. Youre not sure if you should feel surprised or happy about her finding her way into your shop. As she talks, you notice how many items shes currently browsing, and where shes going too. I run a small beauty supply store and wholesale salon in this very store. Youve never seen her working a retail job before. Well, Im really not sure, really. Well, let me help you out, alright. Looking at her for help is going to make you seem more interested, even if she probably isnt so much. Karen looks hesitant, but decides to help you out. So, why would you need to know how to fix your hair. My hair, um, its not straight and its frizzy. Erm, Im not sure if I follow, but what exactly did you want me to do. I want some help fixing my hair. She returns wearing a white apron, and holding a plastic container. She looks at you and pouts her lips a little bit. You wonder if she didnt know what she was doing before, now shes too nervous to continue her task. She looks at you as if you said something that she doesnt like, and you think you have.

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