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But you can visit them anyway. You find a store called the Hair and Makeup Junkie. S a small store but stocked full of some nice things. You see some pretty pictures of some of the new people that have come to the store: a young black model, an Asian fashion blogger, a female model with a lot of piercings and a couple of girls in skimpy clothing. You look around and see a lot of pretty people. Re never going to be attacked for being beautiful, And since this is your last day, you really need to pick out a last little thing to take with you. You see a few more photos on the wall of a couple more girls and boys, one of which is pretty. You go to another storeYou could take those items with you too. Re stocked full of the same things you tried to find at the Hair and Makeup Junkie. Re about to leave when a tall blonde woman with very long blonde hair and bright blue eyes walks in. S dressed in very fancy clothing, like what you expected to see on a model who sells fine goods. S when you notice something else is different. Re about to leave, but in those jeans you found at the Hair and Makeup Junkie, a tiny little cock has gotten stuck. T going to have much choice in where to end up. You pull the zipper down and a tiny thing with a hard on begins to appear. Then you have the same problem with your boots. Ve got the finest selection of hair and make up products worldwide. Visit us to get the best quality hair and make up products. You leave your junkie thoughts behind and you decide to just go through with your decision. Re not sure how to spend your last day in the world. You try to come to the conclusion of what you want to do.

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