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The Undertaker See the following entries for more notable female wrestlers, The Diva: Dana Brooke. Maryse, Curtis Axel The Champion: John Cena, Big Show John Cena, Brock Lesnar Brock Lesnar. See entries for more notable male wrestlers, You go back to the main stage. This plan will have to wait though, for your next act. You need one more thing before you can get back on to the main stage, so you head back to the ring. Its not really a great idea, but in a few hours most of the crowd is back to rooting for you. The crowds in general are getting even more rowdy this year with the success of Hulk Hogans WWF and the buildup going on for WrestleMania. The crowd is on your side, youre the favorite again after last years underperformance plus youre still not afraid to throw down with the best. The only people who should be rooting for you are your mom and dad, but both of them are at the arena. They think youre on the other side of the ring. Says your father who is sitting in the grandstand with your mom. I dont care if the fans are shouting you down, youre going down and you better be ready for that. Your mother is even less enthused about your match. She wasnt really enthused about your match either last year, Im trying to avoid watching another wrestling match on TV. I dont want to know whats happening in the ring. The next match is you versus the Red Rooster. Hes a good-natured guy who seems like hed be a good match for you. Youre on your way to victory but your opponent gets the last word. That old bastard over here won, hes a big man and doesnt quit, the manager says. The manager has been a manager long before you were even born. Most promoters would kill for him, but hes been working as a heel for months.

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