As her name suggests, Belle is indeed lovely…

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Yes, You leave the box and move on to the next one. Yeah, I know its just a game, but I still like to pretend my moms alive. Its a nice thought, one Ill probably keep to myself in my sleep, but its the least I can do for my mom. I can see youve already gotten dressed and are moving quickly down the hallway towards the living area. I guess youre here to pick up the box of games that was left here over the holiday. Its a nice gesture, though Ill admit I cant remember you ever helping me get anything once, let alone over the holiday. After you leave the room, I dont know where Id go to, but Im sure there must be a box somewhere of the games I dont have. You could help me out if youre going to have to walk down the hallways with all your stuff. You go to the living areaYeah, I can see youre here to pick up your moms box of games, but I think I could get something else. Im guessing the games are all in the living area. You walk over to your moms room, where there doesnt appear to be a box there either. You go into the living area, and then immediately find a box there. Youve always known there was one of those lying around somewhere. How the hell does a person get so familiar with it. They need to bring out some of their older games too. Youre going to have so much fun with all of this. You go back to the living areaIm sure that box of games is just down there. If I go up to that game, Im going to start acting like the game. You make your way up to the living area and start opening the box of games. When you look at the box of games to make sure its empty, you find the box is indeed empty. You take the lion out and put it in your pocket. You start walking back down the hallway. After you return to the living area, you see your mom standing there watching you. Her hands are in her lap and her head is wrapped up in her hands.

Article about Plugged in beauty and the beast