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It can be defined as the psychological or emotional state in which an individual feels good about life, or the satisfaction of basic human needs. Happiness is a complex concept and is closely related to the individuals own personal feelings and thoughts. An individuals happiness is influenced by many factors, such as personal goals and values, life events and experiences, social factors such as relationship status and popularity, and the surrounding culture, Lipman, 2001People who are relatively happy are more likely to be satisfied with their lives. This is because they feel they have adequate control over their own lives and have control over the direction in which they choose to go, Zajonc, 1998 It is usually considered the optimal state of being. They do not feel satisfied with their lives and tend to be stressed about lifes issues, Kessler, 2009 Some people may feel they have enough control over their lives, but they do not have control over how life plays out as most people do. For example, some people may feel they have good control over whether they are successful and happy, but this control does not translate to control over how successful they achieve. It has been argued that happiness is a state of mind related to feelings of positive emotion. The term happiness has a variety of connotations, namely:, 1, an emotional state of gladness or contentment 2, a sense of personal superiority 3, enjoyment, or satisfaction with ones condition and, 4, acceptance and pleasure, Hudson and Zajonc 1998Other definitions include the term happiness to mean emotional well-being, Carroll, 1999, 2001, or the attainment of what we will call a state of satisfaction and contentment, OConnor, 2013, 2013a These definitions include psychological factors, such as positive and negative emotional reactions. More specifically, the term happiness relates to mood and feelings. In fact, some researchers consider it a form of sadness. Happiness and Well-BeingThis term happiness is often confused with well-being. The difference is important, as well as the fact that well-being is the overall level of happiness individuals experience, OConnor, 2013, 2013a It is important to note that the concept of well-being is not simply about happiness. Rather, well-being can be thought of as the subjective experience of being happy or happy about ones condition and circumstances, OConnor, 2013 Well-being therefore includes both positive feelings and negative feelings. It should be noted, however, that well-being generally refers to positive emotions related to personal achievement and satisfaction with ones life, Hudson and Zajonc 1998H.

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