Aphrodite is an ancient Greek goddess associated with love, …

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So, this will be the end of the battle with those who oppose our ways. However, the shadows have always been a powerful force, and in the long run, we will be victorious. After the speech, you and Zal leave the palace and head to the palace gardens. You think back to when you used to hide out here from the rest of the world. T imagine how quiet this place would be now. You turn back to the palace and see a group of shadows entering the palace. The palace gardens are silent, and in a way, the place almost feels sad. Before she can answer you, a voice echoes in the distance. You look back and see her standing in front of you. Her hood is back on and her eyes are red from crying. She begins running and then suddenly falls to the ground. S Lady Hel, the one who taught you how to fight. You say and run back towards the palace, Zalina following you. Once you reach the palace gardens, you immediately turn around. She kisses your forehead and then heads back home to finish making more shadow magic spells for the shadows.

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