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Donald took jabs at Debra a lot, but the tweet in question was a joke about Woody saying that his friend and fellow Republican Rick Perry was the only one who could beat Trump in the 2016 Republican nomination process. Woody and many others have been pushing back on this, saying that most of the people who could really stop Trump were bailing out of the race or voting for a third-party candidate. So, what do you all think about this, Debra and Woody. Debra: I dont know if thatll happen, but I think you should stop trying to derail his momentum. Woody: Were a little late on this Donald Trump thing, but hey, its been a good run. As for Woody, yeah, he was trying to do that, but it was so obvious what he was doing. I think everybody has taken his jabs at Perry too far. Its not like the man is in charge of our nuclear arsenal or anything. Thats just going to make Trump bigger. You know, Im hoping that this is the year we finally just elect the next president, not Donald Trump. I mean, I dont have anything against Perry or Trump. I thought they were fun, but I just dont think its going to make a damn difference. I think its just going to get really annoying, and I mean really annoying, I mean real unhinged. If this election goes on long enough, I think even Perry is going to just get tired of it and end it. As for Debra, I really dont know what I think about her. As a comedian, the only reason why I gave her time is because shes funny and she has fun with her material. As a comedian, I just dont know what I think of her, because shes a little too outspoken. I thought Donald Trump was scary, but now Im not so sure. I mean, if Trump is the guy to win it, I guess Im going to be okay with that, but if hes going to lose it, that isnt good news. The thing is, everyone seems to be too scared to speak out if they disagree with Trump, and thats whats really concerning. As for Woody, I dont see why it is shocking that hes against Trump even if hes getting into it with Trump. I dont really think he can beat Trump, he never has before.

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