Anthony Mackie Stresses Jonathan Majors Isnt Proven Guilty Yet Despite Arrest

Giving the ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania’ star the benefit of the doubt, the new Captain America depicter says that ‘nothing has been proven about this dude.’

AceShowbizAnthony Mackie has broken his silence on Jonathan Majors‘ domestic violence arrest. Becoming the first major Marvel actor to speak on the case, “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” star stresses that his fellow MCU star “is innocent until proven guilty.”

In an interview with Inverse, the new Captain America depicter was asked about the uncertainty of Majors’ return as Kang the Conqueror amid his legal issue. Giving the Emmy-nominated actor the benefit of the doubt, Mackie said, “We’re a country that was built on ‘everyone is innocent until proven guilty.’ That’s one of the staples of this country.”

Particularly on Majors’ case, the 44-year-old noted, “Nothing has been proven about this dude. Nothing. So everyone is innocent until proven guilty. That’s all I can say. It’s crazy where we are as a society. But as a country, everyone is innocent until proven guilty.”

Majors was arrested in March following a domestic dispute with his ex-girlfriend Grace Jabbari. He was subsequently charged with two counts of assault in the third degree, aggravated harassment and attempted assault.

It was recently reported that Major has filed a cross-complaint against Jabbari. He alleged that the 30-year-old woman attacked him in previous incidents. He claimed that she was “drunk and hysterical” when she caused him pain and bleeding after the alleged assault.

On Tuesday, June 20, Majors appeared in court with his new girlfriend Meagan Good. During the court appearance, Judge Rachel S. Pauley set an August 3 date for a trial the case. “Within a few weeks of these false allegations, we provided the District Attorney with evidence of Mr. Majors’ innocence. Last week, we delivered additional compelling evidence to the District Attorney,” his attorney Priya Chaudhry said in a statement. “Following this, we strongly requested the District Attorney dismiss all charges against Mr. Majors immediately.”

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