Anthea Turner, 61, admits taking dog’s prescription pills to maintain ageless appearance

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Anthea Turner credits her good looks and wrinkle-free complexion to the medicine recommended to one of her dogs in the ’90s. The 61-year-old recalled how her pet’s vet quipped that the collagen pills would also have significant benefits on her own health. 

He recommended glucosamine and chondroitin to stop them getting hip dysplasia and arthritis

Anthea Turner

While some would have laughed at the remark, Anthea seemed curious to see its effect on her appearance. 

In an interview with Platinum magazine, the former Blue Peter presenter gushed over how taking her dogs Digger and Buddie to the vet in 1999 left a life-long impression on her.

She visited Noel Fitzpatrick, better known as “TV’s Supervet”, who filled her in on the benefits her dogs would receive from regular use of the tablets.

“When my golden retrievers were pups my vet, Noel Fitzpatrick – then a jobbing vet – detected in one of them a little bit of hip displacement,” she said.

“He recommended glucosamine and chondroitin to stop them getting hip dysplasia and arthritis

“Then he jokingly said I should be taking collagen too because, as we age, it’s something we lose from our faces as well as our joints.”

Anthea continued: “So I began taking the same collagen tablets as the dog.”

Collagen is a protein known for maintaining skin elasticity, relieving joint pain, preventing bone loss, boosting muscle mass and promoting heart health. 

It’s also believed to strengthen the hair by building the proteins which keep the roots firm. 

While she initially started using her dog’s prescribed medicine in her late 30s, she has since moved over to consuming powdered supplements intended for humans.

The collagen begins to break down the older one gets, which has prompted many people to add supplementary capsules into their diet — particularly those above the age of 40.

Speaking of the benefits she’s seen from regularly consuming collagen pills, Anthea continued: “It’s not just about what it does to your skin and hair. 

“It’s only now that I realise I never ache. 

“I was definitely ahead of the curve thanks to Digger, Buddie and Noel Fitzpatrick.”

But not all of Anthea’s good looks can be fully credited to her daily use of collagen pills, as she previously admitted to being a fan of plastic surgery. 

In November, the TV personality appeared on Lorraine to discuss her cosmetic procedures over the years.

Lorraine Kelly, who previously worked with Anthea as co-hosts of GMTV in the ’90s, insisted that her former colleague had barely changed in the 30 years they’ve known each other. 

The latter laughed as she confessed having gone under the knife to maintain her appearance.

“I had the boobies done. And I swear by Botox,” she gushed.

“I haven’t looked really angry since I was 40. And, my goodness me, you know I have been angry.”

Anthea concluded, saying: “I can still laugh. All of these things that you can have – whether it’s a little bit of filler, a little bit of Botox, something called Profhilo, which I think is really good.”

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