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He wins because hes better at battle strategies. The song where they all sing Beauty and the Beast, is also the song that plays when the Beast comes back. I like it though because it reminds me of happy memories. However, this film also has a lot of dark and depressing themes. I didnt really think that it was going to be too dark, but then again I didnt expect it to be too bright for me. The film is also very depressing, but only in a realistic way. I dont like the dark themes in general, but I guess Im just looking for something in the middle. I havent seen a lot of animated films and this one is one of the only which didnt really do it for me. Maybe because I didnt really know what to expect, this film just didnt do it for me. Then Im sure youll like this film. If you havent, then I guess the film will be for you. And while the club is generating a bit of buzz, there are other Tampa-area strippers who say theyre not impressed with The Rink. If it was a four-hour shift or a six-hour shift, all right, said Toni, a stripper at various Tampa-area clubs. But were not being forced to do it, which it is against strippers contracts to do. The Rinks owners, who do not wish to give their last names, said the company that owns the club, which features nude dancers and other acts, had been pushing them to charge more. 20 a person and free drinks, which the owners were cutting in half. They said they were hoping that the price increase would help cover the costs of the strippers and cover rent. But after the room price was increased, the dancers werent happy, the owners said.

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