Another year of those we lost way too soon…

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The future is unknown, the past is dead and you are here now. You see in the distance, a big tower in the distance. The tower rises high above the rest of the buildings and buildings are made of bricks and wood. A big, red lantern stands on top of the tower and it reflects the light from the sun in the distant sky. The light shines like a huge red sword and the moon is hanging high in the sky; it looks like it is going to fall on the tower while you are looking at the memorial. Are you going to go in the tower and take a look at the future. You stay where you areYou stayed where you were because you were scared, not the idea of going into the big tower. You dont know what it means to see the future; all you know is that you have to stay in your house, you have to stay in the dark, you have to stay close to the safe walls and you have to sit in your chair. The walls are like a dark, hard floor and at the end of the chair is a small bed. A small, thin, ugly old man sleeps on the bed with a small bottle in his hand and he keeps looking at the wall that is right in front of him. This man keeps staring at a small picture of a man and a woman that look happy. The man is sitting on the edge of the bed, while the woman looks close to the picture. She is holding a small bottle of water that she is drinking from the bottle and she is looking at the man who is sitting in the picture. You cant tell from looking at the picture what they really look like, but the man keeps staring at the picture while the woman is looking at the man. The picture of them is hanging in the living room and you can only see a silhouette of the man and the woman on the picture; you dont know their appearance, neither the name of this man nor the name of this woman who are holding a bottle of water. All you know is that the man keeps staring at the picture while the woman looks at the man with a sad face. You go back into your houseYou went back into the house because you are scared and you are afraid that the man and the woman are not happy and the man keeps staring at the picture of his smiling family while the woman doesnt even acknowledge him. However, the woman does not seem sad. You go in the house againYou remember that there were a few people you have to remember this and you just have to remember that this happy couple was in the past and to remember their happiness.

Post about Celebrities that died 2015