Anne Hathaway: I’m really switched on by Gen Z. It’s a fun generation

Anne Hathaway is the newest face of Shiseido, the Japanese skincare brand beloved by the elites. This really fits with Anne’s energy these days, the expensive-looking woman who is always flawlessly styled and rolling with the biggest names. She’s also repping Bulgari these days, which I also think is a great fit for her. Anyway, to promote her new contract, Anne chatted with Vogue. Some highlights:

The Hathaway Renaissance: “Before I was really afraid of things, of pulling up short. I’d rather enjoy whatever it is I do have on, even if I’m not wearing precisely the right thing.” She’s speaking, of course, of the inner paradigm shift that’s driven her style renaissance—make that Anne-aissance—over the past two years.

Credit to Gen Z: “I know this sounds like I’m super-pandering, but I’m really switched on by Gen Z. It’s a fun generation when it comes to fashion. They really hit it just right where they have a great time with it, but they define themselves by themselves.”

What she admires about Shiseido & Japanese culture: “The care, thoughtfulness, rigor, and passion. That passion is something that the volume can be all the way turned up, but it’s also something that can be very quiet at the same time. And that doesn’t diminish its intensity. I feel that my relationship with Shiseido has allowed me to see with much more clarity, depth, and appreciation. The company has such a legacy within Japan, and it was exciting to see how [they’ve been] able to go global without losing any of their character, integrity, and identity.

When she started getting passionate about skin care: “I worked with an actress in my 20s, and I’d always thought skin care was important, but I observed how she took her makeup off at the end of each day. And it was a layered process. Cleansing her skin was a layered process, and something clicked for me. And I started to treat my skin more delicately with more consideration, more thought. And the result was pretty profound to me. And it’s funny, because I found that the longer I’ve made skin care a priority, the less makeup I wear. There’s nothing wrong with makeup, and in fact, I wear it quite a lot for my job. But I find that in my life, I’m really happy just being in my skin.

[From Vogue]

Are you inspired fashion-wise by Gen Z? I watch Gen Z filter previous fashion eras through their youthful vision and it just makes me grumpy. Like, the whole “retro ‘90s” vibe that Gen Z is doing now is just… high-end versions of the stuff we bought in thrift stores in the ‘90s. Anyway, Anne does have the appearance of a woman who takes good care of her skin, so this is a good fit.

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