Anna Nicole's Daughter Dannielynn Not Interested in Movie, Modeling Offers

Anna Nicole Smith‘s daughter Dannielynn Birkhead not only looks like her late mom, she’s also getting the same attention from Hollywood … but she keeps passing on movie and modeling offers.

Dannielynn’s dad, Larry Birkhead, tells TMZ … the 14-year-old’s been offered a bunch of acting and modeling jobs over the years, but Dannielynn is simply not interested.

Larry says last week, before Dannielynn bore a striking resemblance to her mom at the Kentucky Derby, he got a call asking if they wanted to be in an upcoming horror film. They haven’t officially declined the offer, but it sounds like they will — Larry says acting just isn’t Dannielynn’s thing.

Another sign Dannielynn’s not seriously considering the offers pouring in from movie producers and major corporations asking her to be in films and advertisements … dad says she doesn’t even have a manager or modeling portfolio.

As you know … Dannielynn gets compared to Anna Nicole everywhere she goes, but her dad says it can get tiring even though she takes it as a compliment. He says Dannielynn just wants to be her own person, not her mom.

Larry tells us he’s not sure if the offers are related to Dannielynn’s resemblance to her mom, or the fact she’s Anna Nicole’s daughter … but she’s turning them down all the same.

Although a future in Hollywood is there for the taking, Larry says the high school freshman is focused on getting her homework done, and she’s interested in art, animation and drawing. Dad says she flashed acting talent in a school play a few years back, but decided to step away from theater.

Dannielynn’s not closing the door completely on Tinseltown … Larry says Dannielynn told him she’d jump at an offer for ‘Stranger Things’ or ‘The Mandalorian’ in a heartbeat.

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