Andy Milonakis Andy Milonakis was born on Januin Katonah, New York, USA as …

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Youre at work when the phone rings and you groggily pick up the receiver, wondering who the hell could be on the other end. You say sitting down to pick up the receiver. Im calling you to see if youd like to meet in person, you say. I have a plane to catch in a few hours and I need someplace quiet to stay. You can stay a little longer if youd like. In fact, I can let you stay in my guest bedroom tonight if youd like, but Id really appreciate it if you could pick up after your dog. Dario doesnt even hesitate before saying yes. Oh, you say, not even expecting that response. Well, Im going to be taking my dog with me, anyway, so if you want to come, thats fine. Okay then, Ill be waiting up for you. Dario hangs up the phone before you can say no more. You ask yourself as you get up to leave for work. You later that weekYou spend another week wandering the city aimlessly. The last thing you need is to return home and have Mom freak out about how it was your idea. By the time your weeks over, you havent had a single conversation with anyone. The only time you ever leave your apartment is to go to a restaurant or an arcade. By the end of the week, it feels a little ridiculous to be doing this every week. That morning you start to get a little nervous. You look around, and see that if it werent for your apartment door you couldnt really see the streets anymore. You know when it isnt dark enough because the streets are lit up, but you cant tell if its just because youre used to the lights or if the lights are illuminating everything better. As you head to the front door, a sudden thought occurs:What if Im not good enough for people.

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