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Well, you might have a different process for the rest. You see the headline:Hollywood in the CrosshairsYou see the photo of the villain. S latest survey showed that nearly three out of every four moviegoers say the industry is in dire straits. You look up at the sign and see a man dressed all in black wearing a mask. S wearing a hat with a large, black H. You take one step back, but he keeps watching, moving his lips with great intensity. You try to convince him to stopYou take a deep breath and speak softly, No. Re trying to close our industry down and kill us. You can see him shifting uncomfortably in his seat, clearly upset by your words. The crowd is now growing more and more restless. M just too old and feeble to be doing this. You see him turning away from you and back toward the door with a slight, almost apologetic, look. He turns back around and begins to look at the crowd again. T know when it happened, but he seems to have stopped.

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