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Image of the Week: Cock-eyedThe phrase cock-eyed is often used to describe a blind person, and its origin is an old saying from the Old West when people would ride with their eyes open. It was a term of derision used to describe someone who was unable to see well due to a lack of vision of one or both eyes. As you might expect, cock-eyed has a long and colorful history. The image on the left comes from the book The Story of Old and New Words by Stephen M. Kroeber also wrote a book about A Short History of the English Language, which is available here. Thanks to David K, who pointed out that the image on the right is the same one we published last week. When youre a little girl growing up in Brooklyn, playing video games doesnt really seem like the most exciting thing in the world. That all changed when a man named John Romero and his brother hacked you into playing this game called Doom. The game has a strange story of a lone hero facing off against demonic hordes known as the Aliens. Its a video game thats had a profound effect on you. Youve come to associate the sound of a loud roar filled with maniacal laughter with the sound of your heart beating its way out of your chest and the sound of your lungs being filled with air. Youve come to associate a game that makes you feel scared with the sounds of your own feet creaking in fright while you stand with your head buried in your hands. You feel like there is such a thing as too much. Youve come to associate every piece of art and music with something else. The only art you like is pornography, and your only music that you listen to is heavy metal. Youre just an average person who happens to be an obsessive video gamer. In your video games, youre playing the role of a normal guy from Manhattan who is sent to a secret island by a mysterious company called Stacker, youve never asked them who Stacker is, but you know what they are When you arrive on this island, you are forced to fight off hordes of demonic creatures known as the Aliens. These creatures are the literal spawn of Hell itself. Youre pretty sure youve seen them kill something that looked like an ape and it wasnt even full grown yet. They would make a good snack for a human, but youre a little sad that they will no longer have their place in the world. As bad as the Alien enemies are, you find the island to be quite beautiful at.

This article about All natural beauty products