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Hes in fact, the only one you know that has actually worked at a flight desk. Yours is the only one thats actually working on an actual flight. Theres a group of young people getting on the plane. You make a conscious decision to walk out of sight, and make a beeline towards the plane where upon you spot him and you both turn to stare at each other. You start talkingHey, whats your name. The look in his eyes causes you to reconsider the statement. So what did you do before you made the news. I didnt know there were musicians on this flight. Well, some people get on this flight to have some fun. You never know what the people on this plane are really like. You might be interested to know, Im not on this flight just for fun. Im on this flight to give a message to a certain passenger. Hmm, not a certain passenger, but somebody on the flight is dying, thats for certain. While you and Kurt-Hopkins do not know each other very well, you have a mental image of the man youre about to speak to, and a similar mental image of Kurt-Hopkins. Because even I have no idea why you would want to do something like this. The message youre supposed to give is fairly straightforward. Youre not supposed to do anything that might harm the man. A flight attendant could probably calm him down if she were in a better mood, but since youre here at his expense, Id like to see if I can get you to do something for him. You accept the jobWell, I am here to do something for him, because I.

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