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But the thing is, there is that one character who does her best. I mean, if the characters were a thousand-yard stare, that girl is the icy stare of that character. Her personality is a constant source of discomfort with a smile that is always on her face. Awww, I can tell Ive given you too much information about yourself. Im going to continue to ask about things because I like when you explain things to me and Id like to learn more about you. Okay, then its on to the stuff I dont know so youll probably want to skip over them, except for the things on the list. You can tell me if you feel Ive missed something. There are two main things I dont know about. I also like singing and playing guitar and listening to music. You go back to the ones you dont know and begin to list them out, then when you get to the end, you start over. Review of Steve Martins novel, An Object of Beauty. This novel, while an intriguing story about a girl with an artistic talent, has a lot of characters that do not seem to make much of an impression on me. I just found the story to be so intriguing that I did not have the time to care for the characters. On the other hand, one of the characters, which is a character that seems to have quite the impact on the story, is named Lacey. In my opinion, she is really an interesting character with very interesting feelings and qualities. I wish I could have been more emotionally attached to her as I really wanted to understand her and learn more about her. As it stands, this novel was probably not for me, but I would still like to read more about her. Im going to go ahead and give one on it. I agree that Lacey is a character that is very unique and interesting, but I just didnt find her very likeable and her motivations and actions felt very artificial. The reason I say her motives and actions felt very artificial is that her motivations and actions seemed to revolve around wanting to prove that she was talented and that she wanted to be taken seriously as a musician.

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