An estimated 250000 people have been forced to flee due to the California wildfires …

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However, the fires have not yet reached the city of Los Angeles because of the efforts of the firemen and firefighters. The fires in California and many other places resulted in the hurt and disastrous loss of homes. Climate change is already destroying the Earth, and this will only be a matter of time. The United Nations new climate change report states that by the year 2050, the Earths climate is going to have changed so much that it is going to be like that of the early 1900s. This is in addition to other factors such as overpopulation and pollution, which will cause a major problem for mankind in the future. Go back to sleep, The alarm goes off in your head, as you doze off for the second time this morning. Your stomach growls loudly through your skin, and you lie there groaning while thinking about the situation youre in. You didnt even feel the burn of the sun burning your flesh. You decide that you need to get some more sleep, because you just dont feel right right now. You need to go and make yourself more comfortable. Argh, you grunt, groaning until you go to the bathroom. You sit on the toilet and stretch out your legs and arms. Youre really just lying in bed, lying on your back, and youre really aching. Youve been awake a lot longer than you ever thought you would. Theres a small gap between your eyes, and the rest of your body looks like its asleep too. Youve been feeling this way ever since you were on the plane. The plane is going to take some time to get away from the sun so that you can land safely, and even if you do land safely, you need to rest your joints. Once you reach the airport, youll have to find food and water, and youve not eaten anything since breakfast, so youll have to go find something more quickly. Your stomach rumbles, and you groggily wake, stretching your arms out. The plane is still above the mountains; you stand up and slowly walk over to the window. Theres a thin coating of snow on the mountains, but its hard to tell if there are any people or cars on the roads. You just hope that you can find a place to land and get off the plane safe and sound, and that you dont have to spend the rest of your time in a hotel or a campground. You look out over the valley below and see that its mostly empty, except for the few trees that are still.

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