American Beauty is a 1999 American drama film written by …

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Oder Eine Filmen- die Pagina- das Europas. You have to admit, it has to be one of the coolest things youve ever seen. A spaceship the color of pure gold floats in the blue of the sky. A few people aboard, all with odd markings on their bodies, stand beside glowing yellow control consoles. The captain is not human, or at least not human in your traditional sense. He is, instead, one of the more bizarre beings youve ever seen: Hes huge and alien-looking, his chest filled with tubes and tubes that snake into his body, each containing something different. You imagine what is being stored there must be more than you ever wanted to know, even if it is just part of his very odd physiology, something to make him stronger or tougher, or something to alter his appearance. You see, in all of that, a starship, but it is not the starship youve come to know. You cant help but be a bit intrigued, though you are also aware that this is the height of unknown science. You are, after all, on a vessel built by a man who doesnt know what the hell hes doing. It takes a moment to get used to the alien atmosphere, but soon you are getting used to the fact that you are in some strange distant galaxy and not your own. As you look out the window, all you see is another, alien galaxy. Youre not getting anywhereSir, Im getting tired of that window. Its the only window we have right now, and its small enough to be seen by most of the people on the ship if they are on the bridge. The captain leans in to whisper in your ear, his voice deep and smooth and warm. You are not sure how to react; your gut is telling you that this doesnt feel right, that the captain is creepy, that you want to get away.

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