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You sell drugsIts not that you cant stomach it, but you cant let this place control your life anymore. Youre a decent human being and theres no way on some level you can turn your back on your true calling and go sell drugs for a living. S life and it gives you some relief from your own life of being a college student. Re already getting used to your new life. You can see that your grades are good enough that you could be getting into a good program for your future. Your sister seems to be a bit more realistic and understands that this is just the first step of a long journey. S a large population of homeless people and addicts living in the vicinity of the college. T going to let her influence change your mind. Ve had since you were little. S another part of you that feels guilty about this. Ve always just been too damn sheltered, but now you really think it might be true. T been able to really take a break from your job. S been tough to go a few more days without making a sale, but you managed to hold up. S actually not that bad as far as heat is concerned. S going to be back in a few days when she figures things might calm down a bit. You guess you might have to go, too.

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