Amanda Owen: Insulting comments about Our Yorkshire Farm star blasted by Ulrika Jonsson

Amanda Owen discusses her parenting skills with Ben Fogle

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Ulrika Jonsson has rushed to the defence of Amanda Owen today. The presenter said the Yorkshire shepherdess was “something of a heroine” to her.

Stop putting them on pedestals

Ulrika Jonsson

Writing in her latest column under the headline Amanda the flock star mum, the television presenter hit back at claims levelled at the Our Yorkshire Farm favourite.

The 54-year-old blasted trolls who have targeted the reality star, 47, for how she is raising her children.

The latter shares nine sons and daughters with her husband Clive Owen, and they live on remote farm Ravenseat.

Their daily life is captured for the aforementioned Channel 5 programme, now preparing to launch its fifth season.

However, some have claimed Amanda is not preparing her large brood for the real world.

Ulrika stated: “To hear that trolls have accused her of not bringing up her children ‘in the real world’ and that ‘they will never be able to cope with real life’ would be laughable if it wasn’t quite so insulting.”

She referenced her own upbringing in Sweden, where “nature was your best companion”.

The star said she’d hoped for the same for her own children: Cameron, 27, Bo, 21, Martha, 17, and 13-year-old Malcolm.

However, Ulrika said this had not been the case and was “a mistake”.

She continued: “Despite me placing myself in the countryside, my offspring, like so many of their generation, were fed largely a diet of comfort, amenity and parental service.

“Amanda Owen’s nine children are likely to be far better equipped for real life – running up and down the Yorkshire Dales, connecting with nature and being off the beaten track – than any child who is bloated on TikTok, takeaways and weekends packed with organised activities.

“Her children will have real-life skills, transferable to any aspect of life, I would argue.”

Writing in The Sun, she went on to urge parents to “stop swaddling” their children.

“Stop putting them on pedestals and instil in them greater independence and autonomy.

“No matter how extreme it might sound, I wish I had been more Amanda Owen. It is very possible my kids wish that, too,” she added.

Amanda and Clive are parents to Annas, Violet, Edith, Raven, Clemmy, Nancy, Reuben, Miles and Sidney.

The couple met in 1996 at Ravenseat which later became their joint home.

It spans 2000 acres and is 1,800ft above sea level.

The farm is based three and a half miles west of Keld, in Swaledale.

Amanda recently said of having a tenth child in her book Adventures of the Yorkshire Shepherdess: “I think I’m too old… I don’t know, wait and see.”

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