Amanda Bynes’ Latest Psychiatric Hold Getting Extended – As Loved Ones Fear For Her Condition

Amanda Bynes’ psychiatric hold is being extended after the star was detained over the weekend.

Saturday, the Easy A alum was taken into custody by law enforcement after the Los Angeles Police Department received a call regarding a woman “in distress.” At the time, eyewitnesses confirmed she appeared calm and cooperative while dealing with the police, but that she looked “defeated.” She was then brought to the station to have a proper mental health assessment, where it was determined she required more medical treatment.

TMZ then reported Monday afternoon that the 37-year-old was placed on a 5150 psychiatric hold, which could be deemed mandatory for up to 72 hours by power of the law.

Now, it’s looking like the She’s the Man star is having the hold extended…

In a Thursday report by TMZ, the outlet confirmed the child star will remain in the psychiatric care of a medical team as her hold gets extended. A source close to the situation told the outlet that she’s likely going to be committed for another full week to allow time for doctors to try and stabilize her with medication and therapy.

How sad. But we’re just glad Amanda is in the care of professionals who can get her exactly what she needs.

The outlet added that the Sydney White star does well when she keeps up with her medications, but tends to wean herself off of them when she begins feeling better, resulting in mental health crises. However, it’s not clear if that’s what happened this time around. What we do know, though, is that Amanda was able to identify her waning condition Saturday and took it upon herself to get help as she was the one who called LAPD, as we’ve reported.

Sources told TMZ that when Amanda was still in her conservatorship, her mother Lynn was the one who would administer her medication, and that the star was always cooperative. However, as you know, that conservatorship ended in March of last year, so her family can’t really do much in terms of assuring she gets her meds.

One insider said it would be a tall order to try and get her conservatorship reinstated, but her friends and family continue to worry for her health and safety, as this mental health crisis and subsequent psychiatric hold is the second in just three months.

We really hope Amanda gets all the help she needs to get back on her feet. We’re holding out hope for her. What are your thoughts? Let us know and share your support in the comments down below.

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