Although more than 10 million people worldwide live with …

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You re here to win an award named the Oscar for Your Resistance. You want to have a chance to join an elite group of people who have won this award. Since-before you had even heard about Parkinsons disease you knew that the best way to fight the disease was to live it. You got your Parkinsons disease by being informal supervised at-home. You also got your Parkinsons disease by smoking. So you were smoking way more than the average person. When you became an adult, you smoked even more. Re the only person in your family that has ever smoked regularly. You also had become an adult very quickly. T stop smoking and you were already a successful person when you started smoking. T drinking a lot, but you were getting drunk anyway. You were also doing drugs regularly. You were also doing most of your drugs without having any real feeling of self-consciousness or any real reason for it, like the occasional use of crack, the occasional use of cocaine. Ve never even thought about the idea of not having any feelings of self-consciousness. Ll be a living example of why all of us need to fight against the disease. You are the ultimate embodiment of fighting against the disease. You were supposed to be with your other sister, but she has some really bad skin problems and she got a sunburn last.

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