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See how much of the world you, can, see. Comiccon, JYou think about the people in the trailer and wonder how they feel about this years Con. Will you try to be social or are they all alone. Are you going to try to make conversation with anyone or will you stay in the back of the trailer. You find that one woman in the trailer, an older balding man in a flannel shirt with a baseball cap sitting in a recliner is chatting on the phone with his daughter. He has a large collection of action figures in front of him. You get in the conversationYou look for the cell phone so you can start the call. I think I see you somewhere over on the left. S the guy in the truckers cap over there. The man on the phone looks at you a moment, then begins speaking on the phone. M not exactly sure of your entire story; my daughter was with you when you first approached her and she told me about all your appearances. T even know if you recognize me if I see you. You take a breath and think about what he just said. M here for a very important meeting with someone that wants me to help fix.

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