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The clouds hang low, and the sun is low in the sky. You stand, and you look out at the city. As the clouds part, a man wearing a cloak flies out from the city. He is small, almost human, except he walks on all fours, and he carries a staff that he holds aloft like a baton. Your eyes tell you that he is invisible on the ground, but you can see he is out in the sky. He is the brightest star that you have ever seen in your life. His face is wrinkled to where it appears to have been carved by many a curse. He flits out of sight, and then vanishes, in the sky. Its the Simmers finest hour, and the finest hour of all. You can hear the noise, the yelling, the shouting, the cheering, the singing. You can hear it, and you wonder if the Simmers are still in the city, or if they have escaped. You try to find where the Simmers areThe wind picks up. In your mind, you hear the faint sounds of screaming.

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