Alison Brie Quietly Revealed She's Bisexual Earlier This Month

Alison Brie came out as bisexual earlier this February during an interview with her husband, Dave Franco. The duo wrote their new movie “Somebody I Used to Know” together; Franco served as director with Brie as the star. To promote the February release, the pair read thirst tweets together in a Feb. 17 video for BuzzFeed.

In the video, Brie reads a fan’s tweet to her husband: “Listen I am bisexual for a reason and that reason is strictly to be used in a threesome by dave franco and alison brie.” The duo high five, and Brie says, “That’s also why I’m bisexual.” Franco teases his wife for choosing this moment to share this fact, saying, “You’ve been waiting for this tweet from someone you don’t know who they are or what they look like?”

“Yeah,” Brie says with a shrug, and Franco responds, “Yeah, yeah, makes sense.”

Franco and Brie married back in 2017. The duo first connected in 2011 when they both happened to attend Mardi Gras celebrations in New Orleans, and they officially became a couple. Brie doesn’t have much of a public dating history besides her husband.

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