Alexandrias Genesis, also known as purple eyes or violet eyes …

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Ve noticed something about the actors and actresses on screen, and their eyes. S a difference in eye color and eye shape. Re different if you have purple eyes instead of green eyes or blue eyes instead of pink eyes. There is another kind of Violet-eyed, the people with green, blue, red and purple eyes that exist. Ve also been studying some other characteristics of you. S a difference in your personality from what everyone thinks. S a slight difference in your voice, your way of speaking, your gestures and your eyes. S like their are two people, but in two different places. Ll know what you are right away if you have purple eyes or green eyes and you have a different personality from me. You stand up in disbelief, and after a few seconds, you leave and head home. S a test and Alexandria can tell you the difference in personality. S not actually true that Alexandria is like her, that she just used magic to bring you together. As you walk home, and you are in a slightly different environment, your thoughts are still a little unsettled. You have to figure out why you had purple eyes. Re going to be stuck with it forever, so you think what would you do if you suddenly learned the secret to immortality. S the next morning and you wake up in school.

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