Alec Baldwin Pissed Off Halyna Hutchins' Husband with ABC Interview

Alec Baldwin might be regretting that ABC interview he did right about now — because it seems to have, in part, triggered Halyna Hutchins‘ husband’s wrath.

Matt Hutchins sat down for an interview with NBC’s “Today” — talking to Hoda Kotb — which will be aired later this week … and right off the bat in a new teaser, he’s saying Baldwin’s televised recounting pissed him off.

He says hearing AB talk about her death so publicly, so soon and in so much detail made him “angry,” and not just that … but the fact he denied responsibility over her death also didn’t sit well with Matt at all.

As his wrongful death lawsuit had already spelled out — and as his attorneys articulated thereafter — Matt says it again here … the idea that the person who held the gun that claimed her life isn’t at fault is utterly absurd in his mind.

So yes, he does seem to think Baldwin is mostly to blame here. However, Matt also makes this clear … there were other issues besides gun safety that led to his wife being killed, and it sounds like he’s gonna get into all of that with Hoda.

As we told you … Matt is suing Alec, among several other parties, for negligent and reckless misconduct that resulted in wrongful death, as well as loss of consortium. He’s asking for unspecified damages.

Alec, meanwhile, has asserted through his attorneys that the claims in the suit are false.

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