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The torrent begins downloading and the first track starts playing. After the song, which was just a quiet intro and fade in and out of static, music begins in earnest and the file ends. Not enough to download the entire file though, more like the first 9 or 10 tracks. The next thing that happens is you sit on the ground in silence, just listening. The next song starts and you begin to read the rest of the song off of the page and as you go, you feel a pain in your mind. You dont know why, it was just very powerful and felt like something was cutting into your mind with the force to cut metal or something and you could clearly feel it. You turn your head and see the file was now complete and started downloading after all. Its the same thing that happened to you during the day. You just sat there and listened to the file, which was like a trance-like state in itself. You were in a world of music, but you didnt know what it was, just listened. As the song ended you felt a strange numbness in your mind, just like how you had experienced earlier. There was a slight headache, but this went away when you closed your eyes. You wake up shortly after the song was over. The headache lasts longer than usual but you dont think its that bad. You get dressed and head to the computer room to find out what happened. Upon opening the computer you find the file was downloaded, as expected. You click on the button that indicated when it was finished downloading and the screen comes up. The next picture is of you standing in a large room, but it doesnt look like what you thought it might look like when you thought that something was going to start running around. Your head and chest are covered in a white and brownish-red cloth. Your hands are also covered and attached to only two of them are sickly looking grayish-black claws. All of this makes you look like some sort of horrible mutant that would make any horror movie. You look around and see several other similar looking mutants like yourself and while you have no idea how you got here, you do have an idea where you are. You see a few of them huddled close to one another and you see pictures of each one of them. But only their eyes can move and their mouths cant. Your arms and legs are all covered in strange black and white markings.

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