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UMon u Greetings from another edition of Week of Action. While not an issue this week, action is still being taken by those in power to suppress the many abuses of the users of this forum. While it is true we cannot completely eliminate the abuses, we can and should make it increasingly difficult for those abusing it to do so. To that end, I have proposed an amendment to the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, GATT which would require developed countries to rebate the value of the subsidies received from developing countries in support of exports. This would result in the development of a domestic textile industry in Haiti and other developing countries. In some other cases, this will just result in developing countries receiving a better price for their exports. Since this is a difficult issue, I will be glad to discuss it with you, the users of this forum. Bill Morneaub Deputy Prime Minister of Canada bm. Bec and Minister of International Relations, Trade and International Cooperation. I will be happy to discuss the matter more with the representatives from Quebec. Bec, I have also proposed an amendment that would require all developed countries to use the purchasing power of their IMF loans in support of developing countries. I can only speculate that this is because there is only one country in the advanced world that is in a position to use its power to that degree – the U. This seems counter-intuitive at first, but it makes a certain amount of sense, if only in terms of global trade policy. If developing countries have money, then developed countries have a stronger position in trade negotiations. If developing countries have money, then developed countries need not subsidize their exports to that degree. Thus the purchasing power of the IMF loans will be used as a counter-weight against developing country exports. This would likely result in a significant drop in the price of Haitian textiles and Haitian apparel. However, many factors will still have to be considered, and I would expect that the.

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