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You: I think Im fine with being male or female You: Im comfortable using the male and female pronouns and I prefer them. I prefer them especially for the rest of my life. Being non-binary doesnt mean Im not trans or non-binary. Im just not interested in labels for myself. I dont have any genders, Im just an individual with a wide range of gender expression. You: If youre reading this then youre fine with the gender youre in. The gender you werent born as isnt important. You: I think we all know that the gender binary is the norm and the genderfluid are the minority, and thats fine with me. You: If you were ever curious about non-binary people, and were curious about why non-binary people may not identify as non-binary, and are curious about what genderfluid or genderqueer people may identify as, I recommend you read this book. You: Non-binarygender is a simple term for people with non-binary gender expressions. Gender-fluid or genderqueer are terms used for people who may or may not identify as either male or female. Non-binary is simply a term for the non-binary gender expression, and any gender identity beyond the binary gender expression. You: I believe youve probably heard of non-binary or non-binarygender. Thats my term for people who do not identify as either male or female. Its something I am not interested in identifying with, so its not my term for non-binary people. You: Non-binarygender is not the same as transgender or transsexual. You: Im a guy who dresses like a girl, but isnt interested in men. I never stay stuck in one gender and my gender can change at any time. You: Genderfluid people may feel that theyre male, female, or non-binary, but when it comes to being in the gender binary, theyre simply non-binary. You: Genderfluid people may feel that theyre female, male, non-binary, or some combination of those.

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