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Thats nice, but there are other brands such as Milani that sell their shadow palettes for less. Theres also another brand, thats actually kind of a big one, that has some of their shadow palettes for free, and theyre pretty expensive too. So I want you to think about it, where would you rather spend your money. Well, I guess Ill go with the free ones, you reply, because at the very least I thought theyd be better quality, and I thought I had plenty of them. Yeah, I thought so too, but I didnt want to spend money on something that wasnt going to be worth it to me. And if theyre free, well thats even better. You ask, looking to see whether hes going to just throw you out. Something cheap, because as far as I know, you dont need to spend much money for a big brands shadows to be of good quality. Something expensive, because as much as Im going to try to convince you, youre going to have to spend more than I would to get good quality anyway. But yeah, Im gonna go cheaper. You sigh, and then head back to the counter. A large stack of cash is deposited into your hand, but you dont even think about it; youre a business man, and youre not about to be outbid on shadows. Okay, you say, Ill see you soon. And with those words, your conversation with Joe is over. You head back to your desk, where you start packing away the packaging. Youre about to head back out when you notice that there are two boxes in the corner of the room. A small black cat jumps right out at you, and you quickly wrap your arms around it, almost pulling it into your chest. You say, trying to keep the small creature with you. I dont think so, no, the box says. The box looks at you in a very puzzled way, and then it turns around and jumps away. You dont really want to know how it found your couch after you fell asleep, but thats a story for another time. You time for some businessYou head back down to the counter after your chat with Joe.

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