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You actually see some that really have it under control. In fact, there is one celebrity that has been clean and sober for over two decades. Cameron DiazShe wasnt famous when she first started drinking onscreen, but soon after she caught the spotlight, the teen heartthrob started losing her mind and her life. At the age of 17, Cameron was the star of the TV movie Diary of a Teenage Drama Queen, which catapulted her to global stardom. After the movies success and popularity, she went onto star in several teen-oriented movies, television shows, and commercials. However, over the decades she has still been an alcoholic, and her sobriety is an impressive feat. For the last decade she has not even tried to drink. In fact her biggest break was when she was cast in the movie One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest in 2004. That film eventually became a classic and she has won three Academy Awards. Cameron has had several positive changes to her life. Currently she lives in a home, The Bellagio Condominiums, in Las Vegas. Her latest role is as a stripper in a porn film. Do you think Cameron Diaz is still sober. Categories: Celebrities, Drugs, Drugs and Addiction, Drugs and Hollywood, Drugs and Rehab, Hollywood Drug Addicts, Hollywood Drug and Alcohol Problems, Health and MedicalTags: Celebrities, Celebrities with Drug and Alcohol Problems, Drug Addicts, Drug and Alcohol Problems, Celebrity Addiction, Hollywood Addicts, Hollywood Drug Addicts, Hollywood Drug and Alcohol Problems, Hollywood Rehab Addicts, Hollywood Success StoriesAs a developer you often have to deal with different operating systems. Depending on which language you develop in, this can vary dramatically. Lets assume youre writing a PowerShell script thats meant to be run on Windows or Linux. In this post were going to look at several options for working with these two different operating systems. In Windows, the most common way to interact with other operating systems is through programs like cmd. If youre developing code for Windows, its usually the best platform to use, since there is a large community and the toolset is mature enough to run on any operating system. If youre developing code for Linux, you have a couple of options. You could write a script in Bash which can be executed on Windows if youre using PowerShell. Alternatively you could write a script in Python. When doing this, the script has to be able to communicate with your remote host over SSH. If youre using Bash, you will most likely want to use the tilde.

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