Adam Rickitts wife GMBs Katy says Ill always hold your hand as hes scammed

Adam Rickitt’swife Katy Rickett has shared a supportive message to her husband telling him “I’ll always hold your hand” following the actor’s emotional Instagram post.

TheHollyoaksstar, 44, who recently insisted he has not had a hair transplant, shared the news he has been scammed out of “tens of thousands of pounds” in an Instagram post to his 72,100 followers as a way to warn others of the dangers.

Showing support for her husband, Good Morning Britain presenter Katy Rickitt, 38, shared a post to say: “A gut wrenching reminder this can happen to anyone. For a start @adamrickitt I will always look you in the eye and hold your hand. This is NOT your fault.

"Most importantly we hope this stops someone else falling victim to a horrible banking scam.”

Katy’s fellow GMB presenter Susanna Reid also took to the post to show her support for the actor.

She wrote: “Firstly – sorry this happened. Second – you appear to have done your absolute best to verify everything along the way 3. This was a sophisticated scam and frankly I defy people not to fall victim when it is this persuasive 4. Don’t blame yourself. 5. Thank you for sharing. It will go so far to help others not to fall into this trap – well done.”

She continued: “BTW: It should have been easier to contact the legitimate fraud dept quickly & yes, banks need to make their phone numbers inviolable.”

In the video Adam shared explaining he'd been scammed, he told fans he considers himself "savvy" but in this instance he got "completely conned" by a push payment scam.

It started with a text from Barclays explaining that there had been some "suspicious activity" on his account before informing him that a member of the fraud investigations team would be ringing him.

Adam explained: "Long and short of it was he explained to me that someone had been into the Crewe branch and had attempted to withdraw money. He said the only way that person could do that was using my driving licence and my passport and my signature."

Adam was asked to do a "dummy payment", which he was told would "trigger a member of the fraud department". He was then told to tell whoever called from the department that he doesn't want the payment to go through.

After explaining what happened to his followers, he offered a warning as he said: “I know we all think we know what to do or how to react…but honestly I have never known the stress it created over the course of the scam……and now the embarrassment I feel.

"I can't even begin to suggest how to protect yourself as I thought I was doing everything right…but please just be aware there's people out there who know exactly how to play the system. Be safe x".


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