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By the way:Trump was inaugurated as president on the 25th of june 2015. According to The Washington Times of Washington DC, it happened on the 22nd of june 2015. Here is a Google map that shows when the protests were held:Here are some photos of the demonstration:The U. Supreme Court on Monday issued its ruling on a pair of cases concerning the governments ability to keep people in the country illegally out of jury service. In one case, the Court struck down a lower court ruling that had permitted President Trumps travel ban on immigrants from six Muslim-majority countries to go into effect. In the other case, the Court declined to review the lower court ruling that allowed the administration to begin enforcement of an executive order that bars people from seven predominantly Muslim countries from entering the country. Heres the full text of Mondays decision:BREYING POPE FRANCIS. Circuit Court of Appeals blocked Trumps immigration order in March, ruling that the ban violated the First Amendment by discriminating against Muslims. In both this ruling and the one blocking his policy on travel from the affected countries, however, the appeals courts ruled narrowly on the legality of the directives. The court in Maryland noted that it was only deciding whether the orders stated goals of protecting the United States from terrorism and national security justified their legality. The Supreme Courts refusal to hear the appeals court decisions means there will be no nationwide injunction on the travel ban. A spokeswoman for Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh said he will be reviewing the Supreme Courts decision but noted that the president still needs to carry out the order in practice. The courts decision does not impact Marylands ongoing litigation challenging the constitutionality of the Presidents order in the district court, spokeswoman Joanne Peters said. Froshs office filed its lawsuit challenging Trumps travel ban in the Eastern District of Maryland because thats where the ban would have been most likely to be enforced, said Frosh spokesman Brian Wilson. The justices took up the case after the administration dropped its appeal of a separate lower court ruling that allowed the ban to take effect and the 9th Circuit refused to lift a temporary restraining order put in place by a U. The Trump administration said the travel ban was necessary to protect Americans from terrorist attacks by foreign nationals admitted to the United States on visas. The Obama administration had said the travel ban was motivated by a desire to target Muslims. FILE PHOTO: A screen capture shows the Supreme Court logo.

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