Actor Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl…

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Athletic Clubs of the New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington and Baltimore. This is the great secret of the pirates and why every pirate in the world, is a member of one of these clubs. These are the names of the men with whom I am in league for the benefit and enrichment of my race. You may think that I have not spoken enough of my glorious plan for the benefit of future generations. You will know the names of all the men that are in my league, and will tell those that you deem worthy of being in my league for a certain sum of money. Those I am talking of will know each other, and thus when I am dead, there will remain as many men in the league as there are men left alive. A man is a coward if he does not join my league, for then he is only joining his fellows to escape the danger of a long voyage or even of a single death.

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