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Please press Ctrl-F5 to refresh the page and try again. Please hold the Shift key and click the Refresh button to try again. It may be a little early for the first regular-season rivalry game of the season, but its a good sign for the Vikings young team that theyre already having the conversation early about how theyd like to start the season. And its a game that will be played in London, just like it was in the early-2000s with the Dolphins. If we start playing them in London, thats going to start going a long, long way to making that happen, Vikings cornerback Captain Munnerlyn said. The Vikings last played a regular-season game in London in 2012, beating the Cleveland Browns 33-7. This season, the Vikings have yet to visit the United Kingdom, but Munnerlyn said theyll be there for next weeks game against the Lions at Wembley Stadium, which the Vikings won in 2006 and 2007. So thats a game thats a little older, not many guys on that team are really from London and to get a win in there in the playoffs is definitely something we remember, Munnerlyn said. Im glad theyre bringing a game, that makes it more special, you play them in the regular season and thats when you get to know each other and its also when theyre really showing us all something special. Munnerlyn said the Vikings dont have many London opponents, but he said the ones that they do have, they are a challenge from the start. The Dolphins put up more points in that game in London in 2007 than the Vikings put up in their four regular-season games in the United States, but Munnerlyn said the Vikings have been able to respond in all four games. We know them and we respect them and theyre going to be a good challenge, he said. We definitely understand their offense and weve got to play against that. The only game thats on TV right now that were not seeing is the Miami Dolphins game. Were not really going to see it, but we know their offense. We are going to have to play our best and see how we compete in that game. We know what theyre all going to be doing on our side and well see what we can do on their side. The Vikings best game against the Dolphins was a 31-3 win in Miami in 2007 when they held a two-touchdown lead late in the fourth quarter.

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