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You arent doing this for you; youre really not. Youre going because its your friend Jessicas birthday, or at least it will be soon, and you need to make sure her boyfriend Scott, who is currently in jail, doesnt rob her. You go to Jessicas house at night and knock on the door. Theres no reply so you knock again a few minutes later. Still no answer, you get more suspicious. Youre pretty sure this isnt the time to be a hero, so you simply leave the door open and head back to your car. You park your car in Jessicas driveway and start walking towards it. When you get to the door, youre surprised to see that its unlocked. You open the door and inside you see Jessicas boyfriend Scott sitting in the living room. Her brother Nicole is also there, but she seems to be playing with a small electronic item in her hands and doesnt look like shes paying attention to whats going on. You have no idea whats going on, but that doesnt matter right now. You walk over to Scott and ask, Scott. He grabs your hand and asks, Whats going on. At this point youre pretty sure Scott doesnt know what youre talking about, so you dont waste any time and tell him everything. And a couple of things you didnt tell him before, you give him a bunch of money and tell him to give it to Jessica. He thanks you and the pair of you then head back to your car. Once again, you park in Jessicas driveway and head in the same direction you came in when you heard the noise. Once inside the car, you hear Scotts car making a lot of noise. You check the dash and see a big hole on the drivers side, and a hole in the passenger side as well. Once Scott sees you staring at him he asks, What are you doing here. I thought you were supposed to be at Jessicas party. You explain whats going on and Scott then starts asking you questions about yourself. He asks you how long youve been in L. A what university you went to, where you went to high school, how long youve been living in the area, and a lot of other questions about yourself, which you answer truthfully. He tells you his name is Scott, which you also remember goes to high school with you, and they both live in the.

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