A very intriguing form of Oregano, this forms a …

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If you use any combination of the above two approaches, you can probably get the best results. You might start out with one half of a mixture and leave it in place for a few weeks. Then you can mix for a time and then throw everything away and start again. Of course, you can always start over, but using this method allows you to keep some of the oregano in the first place.

You dont mind the smell of thisThis smells lovely You say to yourself. I suppose I could use a bit more of this You think as you head back out the door again and this time you make sure you take plenty. You head back to the kitchen and start bringing a few more pots of it out and making sure you have plenty. As the days go by you can smell it from here and as you continue to do so, you begin to wonder what uses you might have for it. For instance, you could smoke your own. After the weekend you know youll get back to your job again. Then after a month you know youll be free to roam once again. Time passes until time finally ends. Youre alone in the garden and still feeling the effects of the medicine. Youve been out here for weeks and youre starting to grow a bit tired. You sigh and lay your head down by the wall of the large oak tree. You drift off to sleep, the sun beating on you like it always did. You slowly move your body and stumble out of the garden and into the clearing you used to play in when you were a little girl. You stand in the middle of it, feeling the cold wind blow in your face. You can feel it harden and push against your windpipe. Slowly, you make your way over to where you used to play and see that the ground has changed so much you cant even discern where you were playing. There are trees all around you now, and theyre in different positions. You look at the ground and you see that you once stood on a spot that was in the middle. After spending some time pondering your situation, youve come to the conclusion youll probably never get your bearings again. You go back downYou dont want to go back up there. Theres something so very strange about having a dream that is so real yet so empty and hollow. You can remember the feeling of falling asleep. Nothing but that feeling of falling asleep that youve had for so long now. You stand in the middle and slowly walk over to the edge again. You look down and take in a deep breath. You start to walk over to you chest.

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