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In your opinion, how well does the British monarchy fare under contemporary circumstances. For instance, if I were the Prince Consort of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, I would certainly not knight any celebrity. I believe the best way to strengthen the reputation of the monarchy is to maintain a strong British identity. I think our reputation for honor and chivalry is stronger than ever. Or so it seems to Americans I have to admit, I didnt know that. I am, however, glad to hear it, because I was thinking the American people ought to take a stand against the forces of terror and evil, and that includes sending us troops to fight on the ground. I suppose it might be the only way that we are going to be able to save the citizens of the world from the evil that is threatening to overwhelm them. Of course, its not so much sending men to fight the enemy in the field that is desirable. Rather, its to have the men trained and equipped to the same degree that the air force is today. Our own air force is a little rusty, as you might imagine. We would like to have that air force to a level where we can make a difference. The men need to be able to fly in any type of weather, from light winds to hurricane force winds. But are you against sending women into war. The Royal Family has always had a large number of women serving on the frontlines. Some serve in ground troops, but I am personally in favor of sending more women into battle on the frontlines. The Queen has said that, for her, the frontlines are the closest thing there is to her home front. Wouldnt that be like sending all of the Queens children into battle. Not at all, but rather, I imagine that would be more of a home front for the people of England. You have had quite a few recent visitors. You are known as the queen of rock n roll Sigh, Rock n roll. But I suppose I am just somewhat of a music lover. In fact, I was actually planning on becoming a musical theater actor. But, I found that I just couldnt keep up with the boys in the stagecoach. I was so much better in the rock and roll band.

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