A legend circulated throughout the land about the beautiful sleeping Little …

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Frail, the twisted hair, the faint smile on her blessed face. And her husband, the great kings warrior son, was the only one who could save her. And then, the king sent an army of soldiers to capture her. The soldiers, it seems, were in possession of a magical potion, and they wanted to kill the beautiful woman so that, when the king came to kill her husband, they wouldnt have to look at her face. So they captured her and, with the potion, they killed her. She was not dead when they had her body brought to the king, and the king, seeing no other possible use for her, let her go. The army of soldiers was not, however, a rare incident in Grimms Saga. He was not a good man either, but a coward with no backbone. The most beautiful girl in the world did nothing to avoid the soldiers that wanted to kill her husband. They were no more than mercenaries with powerful mages. His family will surely resent his death, as well as the death of the beautiful women in the saga. The only reason he survived is that his family is good at making potions, such as the one that killed the beautiful woman. They sell those potions on the black market in Rask. He is a monster, the name of the king is a pun on the words gorilla and king His army of mercenaries and the magic potion are not his. If the king wants to kill the beautiful woman, the king will get himself killed. Ah, but that, you said, that will be for his own good. Ill do anything you like, but I want to go to Oslau, if that is possible. Why on Earth would you want to go there. Youre a coward that doesnt have a backbone, you said. If I was a man, said Jarnskegg, Id be like you. Id put my life in your hands.

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