A homicide detective and a veteran who has been turned …

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MP4 You say I can barely watch this. You interrupt her and start to explain what youve found. You say youve seen the movie and you want to know what youre talking about, but she wont answer. She continues to stare at you and her expression is one of annoyance. For a bit, she raises one of her handkerchiefs to her face, but does not wipe it. In fact, she doesnt wipe her eyes at all. Dont you think the film is too violent for the children. This statement makes you freeze for a fraction of a second as she stares at you. No, I think youre wrong, you say. She said it was a family movie and she said she could still watch it. She said she watched it and there was no murder in the movie. You shrug your shoulders and you sigh. You continue by saying Its about a murderer and thats exactly what I saw. You put your hand on your chin and close your eyes. As you do, you start to think through some possible scenarios. OK, Ill see, you say and begin to prepare yourself. You begin to shake your head as you walk out of her office. In fact, youre about to get up and try to leave. Theres a pause in which time seems to slow down.

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