911 Caller Tried To Get Daffney Help Before Death, But Cops Couldn't Locate Her

A 911 caller attempted to get Daffney help while she was still alive and emotionally broadcasting on Instagram Live … but tragically, cops could not locate her before her death.

The call, obtained by TMZ Sports, reveals a man who identified himself as a friend of a friend of Daffney’s trying to get police in Georgia out to the ex-wrestler on Sept. 1 before she could harm herself.

In the audio, the man can be heard saying Daffney — real name Shannon Spruill — was on the social media platform, appearing to be suicidal.

“She is on Instagram Live about to commit suicide, reading suicide letters,” the man said.

“Talking about where to donate her things. Crying. Won’t answer her phone. Certainly needs a wellness check.”

The man provided what he believed to be a current address for Daffney, but, sadly, cops tell TMZ Sports it was not a correct one.

Cops say another caller dialed in a short time later with a different address, but said that caller did not have an apartment unit number for the former WCW star.

At 11:25 PM — some time after the two initial calls — cops say a caller had found what they believed was Shannon’s car at an apartment building … but still had no answer for which unit she was in.

Cops tell us they tried asking people at the building for the location of Daffney — but got no answers. They added that they “checked around the building and saw no signs of any disturbance and no one reported anything out of the ordinary” like gunshots or screaming.

Around 12:50 AM, maintenance was contacted and they unlocked a door they believed to be Daffney’s, however, an “interior lock was engaged.” Police did not believe they had enough cause to force their way into the unit.

Eventually, hours later around 2 AM, cops say they received another call with credible information. Police returned to the address, and had the fire department breach the door, but tragically it was too late.

In a police report, cops say Daffney was found dead at the apartment by officers with an apparent gunshot wound to the chest.

“Certainly this is a tragic situation but our officers did all they could within the boundaries of Georgia law and departmental policies,” a spokesperson for the Gwinnett Police Dept. tells us.

“They made a good faith effort to locate Shannon each time they got updated information.”

Daffney — who wrestled in WCW from 1999 to 2001 and later starred in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling from ’08-’11 — was 46 years old.


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