90 Day Fiance Alum Ash Naeck Expecting a Baby with New Girlfriend!

It has been a hot minute since Ash Naeck’s romance with Avery Warner.

90 Day Fiance fans pretty much agree that they both dodged a bullet, albeit for different reasons.

Since then, Ash has moved on, finding love again with girlfriend Tina Sardellis.

The two have a lot in common — and guess who’s pregnant now?

This week, Ash Naeck took to Instagram to share some very happy news.

Alongside a photo in which he is kissing the obvious belly bump of Tina Sardellis, the motivational speaker included a caption: 

“To see the fam growing,” he began. “Life sure never gets boring.”

“Exciting times ahead,” Ash then expressed eagerly.

Ash also shared a look at a sonogram, a rattle, some baby booties, and of course a graphic onesie.

The onesie reads: “Baby Naeck Sardellis coming October 2022.”

Tina also shared the happy news with her own fans and followers.

“There is a bun in the oven,” she announced excitedly.

Congratulations to them both!

Tina took things even further, sharing the news on her business page … using phrasing that’s exactly what you’d expect.

“Hello beautiful souls! You may have noticed that I’ve been super quiet on socials lately,” she began. “I’ve been very yin.”

Yin of course is part of the Taiji, an iconic Daoist symbol. Yin is more passive and nurturing in contrast with yang, which is active and assertive.

Tina explained that she has been “nurturing and nourishing myself for the expected coming of our precious little bubba.”

She continued: “My darling Ash @themindbodycoach and I, have kept a little surprise and we are so excited to share our happy news with you.”

Tina then added the tags: “#baby #pregnancy #mother #motherofcreation #birthing #healer #activator #love #sacredunion #family”

This will be Ash’s second child.

90 Day Fiance viewers will recall seeing his son, Taj, on the show.

Ash was anxious at the idea that he might have to leave Taj, even temporarily, if he had gone to America with Avery Warner.

Tina also seems to be a parent, as social media indicates that she ahs three daughters, ranging from a 12-year-old to a 17-year-old.

There are also hints that Tina was recently married and divorced, given a semi-recent name change.

In addition to dating, Ash and Tina are partners in a business — one promoting the same brand of spiritualism that they both espouse separately.

Ash made viewers uneasy during his debut on Before The 90 Days, and we don’t just mean the odd (and potentially body-shaming) comments about his intense stares.

The vibe of his motivational presentations put some people off — that kind of intensity is a lot to process, which is why not everyone would even consider going to such a seminar.

At times, Ash also struck some as misogynistic, which is never a good look.

That said, with everything that we now know, he was not the worse partner — that would be Avery.

She has gone on to make some pretty abhorrent social media posts, condemning Black Lives Matter and coming across like a Qanon quack.

Avery turned out to be a pretty gross person. We hope that Ash’s new lady love is much better.

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